10 Vegetables and fruits Facts you Should Know

 10 Vegetables and fruits Facts you Should Know

1: Do you Know Tomatoes  are Fruits or Vegetables ? Actually Tomatoes are Fruits but Some Tax Reasons We Count Tomatoes in the List of vegetables.

2: Berry Has Seeds inside but Strawberry has Two Hundred Seeds outside, Actually strawberry is not a berry.

3: pomegranate is A fruit with full of health  and Have Almost 700 to 1500 Seeds.

4: A university in the United States and NASA in 1995 grows Potatoes in Space and This is the only vegetable that was grown on Space.

5: in Some regions of the World like Brazil oranges are Green and Yellow Too Due to not Enough Cold Temperature.

6: Broccoli are From the Family of cabbage and Actually they are the Flowers that are not not opened yet.

7: Do you know that Cucumber and Pumpkins are not Vegetables but fruits.

8: A fruit That Grows in Indonesia and Malaysia on the trees of Dario is Smallest Fruit of the world.

9: Watermelon Have Been Used in the place of Water. People Who live in desert or Go For A long Journey Where They Do Not Have Water So they keep Watermelon to Be Hydrated.

10: Pumpkins and Broccoli are A good Source or Protein.

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