10 Random Health facts you Should Know.

 10 Random Health facts you Should Know.

1: Average Weight of Humen on Earth Planet is 62 Kilograms.

2: Our body Have 650 Muscles.

3: 29 Percent Humen on earth are Facing Obesity.

4: if You are an optimistic Person You Will live Long.

5: If You Do not Exercise it Means You Are Smoking Because Not Exercising Side effects are equal to Smoking.

6: If you want to remember Things You Should Write them By Hands.

7: This is Same If You Burn 3500 Calories or Lose One Pound Fat.

8: Daily Exercise increase your Lifespan.

9: if You want To keep your Kidney Healthy You should use Filtered Water.

10:Live Happy life and Laugh Daily in this Way Your Hearth Will Be More Strong and you will Be Able to Live Long Life.

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