10 Mental Health Facts you need to Know.

 10 Mental Health Facts you need to Know.

1: if you want to Make improvement in your brain you should learn new language or Play music instrument.in This way You Can Boost your Brain.

2:if you are in stress Read Book with full Attention.This Practice will Control 68 Percent Cortisol Level and 68 Percent unhealthy Stress Hormones.

3:if you want to Boost your immune system and want to Reduce harmful Levels of stress You Should be in Good Relations with your Family Friends and Neighbors.

4:if you want to reduce depression you should drink coffee this advice is Specially for women.

5:if you want to boost Memory You Should Smell Rosemary.

6: in Most of the Cases Swearing make your Mood Better when you are in A Pain Condition.

7: When Someone Write in a Magazine or Journal He/She feels very Happy Person.

8: Do you Know that Chewing gum Reduce Stress Lower anxiety level ?

9: if you want to reduce stress and boost cognitive function you should do Yoga.

10: if you want to lower negative thoughts and want to boost self esteem you should go on walk and spend time on Green Land.

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