10 Healthy Food Facts you Should know.

 10 Healthy Food Facts you Should know.

1: if you want to Protect from Ultraviolet damages and want to bring improvement in Blood Flow You Need to eat Chocolate.

2:If you want to increase your Sex drive and want to increase fertility You Need to eat avocados.

3: if you want to decrease Risks of Heart Attack and Some Type of Cancers You Should use Tea With Low Sweet.

4: if you want to increase improvement in your mood and brain you should use oatmeal.

5: Our Body Digests food in Hours and we eat this food in minutes.

6: if you are a woman and your age is less than 50 years you need Double iron every day as men of the same age.

7: Apple Keep you Healthy it Reduce cholesterol levels and keep the Doctor away .

8: if you want to improve reflexes you need to eat eggs because eggs have Amino Acid.

9: The Most Healthy fat on Planet is Extra Virgin Olive oil.

10: if you want to keep improvement in Bone Health you need to Get Vitamins D Because it is as important as vitamins C and Many people Know About it.

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