10 General Health Facts You Should Know.

 10 General Health Facts You Should Know.

1: Blood flow Will be increased 20 Percent if You Laugh.

2: nYou Skin is a Good protector it Control tempreture and Control infections and diseases.

3: if You want o live Long you should optimistic and you Also Should Bright Side of the Matters.

4: Exceercise is a god Source of Energy. Excercise will give you energy even if you are tired.

5: if you Sleep and Sit too Much you might be died early. sleeping and sitting is a Good Thing but Should be in Balance.

6: Millions of the People in the world Died due to smoking and Also Millions of the People Died due to not Doing Excercise.

7: Overwight Problem is Faced By 39% Young People.
8: Life expency ws increased 5 Percent During 2000 to 2015.

9: 1 Percent American Use Bike for work and in Copenhagen 50 Percent People Use Bike for Work .

10: America Spends Three time More Revenue on Health than other countries in the world.

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