IMEI Changer app and why should you try it?

 What is the IMEI Changer app and why should you try it?

What exactly does it do? In one sentence, the IMEI Changer app lets you change your device’s IMEI number and thus allows you to use the services of cell phone carriers that otherwise would not accept your original device as valid. This can be useful in various situations, especially when traveling abroad and wanting to avoid sky-high roaming costs or simply get unlimited data on your home SIM card.

A bit about the IMEI Change app

IMEI Changer is an app that lets you change your iPhone's IMEI without jailbreaking. The whole process takes about 2 minutes to complete, and there are no risks involved for using this service. This can be a really helpful tool for people who want to sell their iPhones or trade in their old models in exchange for a new one with a different network provider.

How to Change Your iPhone’s IMEI Number

The iPhone's IMEI number is what carriers like Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon use to identify your phone. This means that your carrier knows exactly who owns the device. To find out what your iPhone's serial number is, follow these steps:

- From your iPhone's home screen, click on Settings.

- Scroll down to General and click on About. The Model field will say iPhone X in this screenshot but yours may be different depending on what model of iPhone you have - scroll down to see its serial number which will look something like 1D6MR3G12A, or just take a picture of the screen with your phone if you prefer not to type anything out.

How an IMEI change can save your iPhone from iCloud account removal

The default settings of iCloud are great for security reasons, but they could be disastrous if your phone gets stolen or lost. With an IMEI changer, a sneaky criminal can't wipe your phone and make it unusable. 

This useful iPhone-saving tool is capable of changing your device's unique identifier (IMEI) so that its listed as belonging to someone else. In this way, if your smartphone falls into bad hands, it won't be rendered useless by any means.

Read in Detail About The Best Free Imei changer Software/Apps.

IMEI changer or Imei remover is an Android application that can be installed on any phone with Android 2.3 or higher versions. It removes or changes your International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number to a random one before returning the network connection, so that you cannot be tracked back.

IMEI Changer App Android

IMEI Changer is a paid service that will help unlock your Android device for free. What this app does is it changes your IMEI number, which fools the device into thinking that there has been a SIM card change. This way when you switch your carrier, your device will be able to recognize that. If you're trying to get out of a contract with your provider or just looking for another deal, then this is what you need. The process takes about two minutes and doesn't require any physical alterations of your phone. Just remember though: once an IMEI is changed, it can't be undone!


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